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 Anthology and Friends Update

A “literary club for the culturally curious”, Anthology launched in 2016 as the primary initiative of the Friends of the Edmonton Public Library (FEPL). Over the past two years, Anthology has been a fabulous supporter of EPL, raising over $400,000, hosting 13 events, committing 2,700 volunteer hours and welcoming 100 members.

Much like EPL as an organization, which is nimble and cutting-edge, Anthology is shifting to meet the needs of library lovers. This means the Anthology chapter of FEPL is coming to an end.

Taking a risk is a very Edmonton thing to do, so thank you for being culturally curious, testing the waters, taking a journey and sharing a passion for EPL with Anthology. In honour of your commitment, EPL will allow Anthology supporters to have input in how money raised by the club will be recognized.

The legacy of Anthology’s adventure will endure through the next chapter of FEPL. If you are interested in staying involved, email EPL.

FEPL was established in 1991 as a volunteer, non-profit society which promotes awareness of the public library with the community, seeks community involvement in the activities of the society, acts as an advocate for the community’s library interests, and raises funds for projects in support of EPL and for activities of the society in support of the library community.