Week 5 of Getting to Know Our Board

This week, we talk to Chelsea Hazewinkel, an engaged, hard-working lawyer, mother of two, and a delight to have a conversation with if you ever get the chance!

1) Tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up here and while I left a few times for travel or professional opportunities, I am happy to be living in Edmonton with my wonderful husband, Alistair, raising our two children in an exciting, dynamic, and inclusive city.

2) Why are you involved in Anthology?

I became involved because it sounded like a cool concept and a great way to give back to the City. Libraries are a great economic and societal equalizer; and a place for a community to gather, share ideas, and grow. I love how excited my children (4, 2) become just at the mention of going to the library! Teaching them how to access things, instead of hoarding things, is an important lesson and libraries do that. 

I stay involve with Anthology because the Board is a group of talented, diverse people, working productively as a group and, frankly: it is so much fun! It's been a great experience in collaborative leadership and an introduction to some truly fine Edmontonians.

3) What is your favourite book?

*laughs* I spent most of my reading time devouring the news, professional publications, and, best of all, children's books. My favourite children's books include the timeless Dr. Seuss collection (the rhythm is fantastic) and, at the moment, "Bear on a Bike"... because my two-year old knows a lot of the words and when children "read along", that's just plain fun. My absolute favourite though is the magical "The Christmas Wish" by Loris Evert and I can't wait to unpack the Christmas books to dive into it!