Week 4 of Getting to Know Our Board!

This week our post is featuring Mark Hoosein!

1)       Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Mark Hoosein and I am the Chief Operating Officer of Capital Region Housing Corporation, the largest supplier of affordable housing in Edmonton.  More importantly, I’m a husband, and a father of a three year old boy named Paul, who keeps my wife and I on our toes both physically and intellectually.  In addition to volunteering with the Anthology Board, I also volunteer as the Treasurer for my son’s playschool and have in the past volunteered with the Ottewell Community League.

I was born and raised in Edmonton, and as someone who made a conscious decision to build and raise a family here, I’m excited at the possibilities and opportunities Edmonton has for my wife and I, and especially our son.  Edmonton’s future is bright.

2)       Why are you involved in Anthology?

I’ve loved the library as long as I can remember.  Growing up, a good amount of my time in the summers were spent checking books out of the old Beamaris branch.  Once my son was born, I really saw how much more a library is than just a book depository.  It was a place where my wife and son were able to attend classes, planned activities, make social connections and provide relief from what could have been a very isolating time, especially in the winter.  Both my wife and son have friends they made while attending ‘Baby Laptime’ and ‘Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn.’  Even my son’s grandparents attended those programs with him, and the excitement he has to go to the library is palpable.  Every family in Edmonton should have the same experience and opportunity; that’s why I got involved in Anthology.

3)       What’s your favorite book?

Just about every book I read is my favorite at the time, but one I love right now is Give and Take by Adam Grant.  I’m taken with it because the book is all about how to succeed in business as a nice person.  Too often success is linked with being ruthless, cutthroat and calculating.  Grant’s book is both affirmational and aspirational about how to succeed by helping people, and not expecting anything in return.